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nike air footscape mid

Nike Nike is a world-renowned sports brand. It has a number of products that are very popular among consumers. Next, Xiaobian will recommend Nike Nike shoes.

|||—Nike nike air footscape mid utility—|||

First, take a look at this outdoor gear - Nike air footscape mid utility. This shoe continues the previous generation of side lace design, but the shoelace has been upgraded to make the shoe wear and tear more convenient and fast. The outsole is made of Nike's classic "waffle" pattern design, which greatly enhances the grip.

The Nike air footscape mid utility brings two color schemes. The “Green” color matching upper is made up of brown, green and gray. The midsole is white, and the overall color is quite rainy;

The “Mushroom” color scheme is softer with a light pink color.

This wheat-colored Nike air footscape mid utility "Wheat" features a suede body with a comfortable foam midsole that is very functional in autumn and winter. The laces are completely new and greatly simplified. The complexity of wearing and taking off.

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|||—Nike air footscape mid utility dm—|||

Nike air footscape mid utility dm sneakers, which are based on the AIR FOOTSCAPE shoe type, the side sill design follows the previous generation design, using an adjustable elastic design, more convenient to wear and tear;

The upper is made of fabric, and the lightweight structure design greatly increases the lightness and comfort of the wear;

Nike air footscape mid utility dm's heel uses a stable point design, at the same time, the foam memory midsole is integrated into the curved groove, which greatly enhances the sense of the foot, whether it is sports or everyday wear, very Suitable for the land.

James's 10th generation boots are the 10th year of the collaboration between Nike and LeBron James. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the collaboration, the 10th generation of James has a new design concept. Even though this boot has been around for six years, it still doesn't affect fans' love. Below, let's take a look at the introduction and evaluation of James's 10th generation.

1. Design (10 points):

The 10th generation of James uses the new concept of diamond cutting design to show the status of the emperor. The huge Swoosh is in the form of a barb and is unconventional. The lace lock has a lion pattern that symbolizes LeBron James’s bravery and enterprising spirit on the court.

2, package (10 points):

James 10th generation low-key combination of integrated seamless Hyperfuse structure, ultra-tough, ultra-light Dynamic Flywire technology and Kevlar® fiber material, designed to fit the human body, providing excellent wrapping for both feet Sexual and fit.

The Phylon midsole provides lightweight shock protection and stability; combined with a foam insole, it offers tailored fits. In general, you can wrap your feet in all directions. The wrapping of the James 10th generation of boots is designed to minimize unnecessary slippage of the foot in the shoe.

3, breathability (9 points):

The shoes adopt an irregular design with a slightly higher front upper and a slightly lower upper upper, which allows the ankle to move freely and flexibly. With the mesh tongue and the full lining, it can be said that the James 10 generation low-pressure evaluation allows the wearer to wear. Enjoy a breathable, comfortable new experience.

4, cushioning (9 points):

The following is a description of the cushioning of James's 10th generation low-level evaluation. The shoe's Zoom Max air cushion provides a lower center of gravity and better responsiveness, allowing players to move more smoothly on the court while providing the perfect combination of impact protection and sensitivity.

5, ground strength and wear resistance (8 points):

The hard rubber outsole is durable and can be applied to all kinds of venues; the improved herringbone pattern enhances the grip effect when moving in multiple directions.

Above, through various aspects to understand the James 10 generation of boots evaluation, it can be said that the James 10 generation with the first-class dynamic fit, cushioning protection and rapid response to let the players on the basketball court fire.

nike dualtone racer

Nike Nike's shoes can be said to be countless, many of which are very popular shoes, today, Xiaobian will introduce you several models.
|||—Nike nike dualtone racer—|||

The Nike dualtone racer has introduced a number of new color schemes. Last year, there were three new summer colors: “Pure Platinum”, “Dark Grey” and “Gym Red”.

Inspired by the Flyknit Racer running shoes, this running shoe retains the simplicity of the Flyknit Racer, which replaces the innovative Flyknit material with a breathable mesh material, making it even more suitable for summer wear;

The heel is embellished with suede and shoes with reflective details, and then equipped with a white cushioning outsole, the overall design is perfect, is a good choice to start!

|||—Nike dual-core racer id—|||

The second one is to take a look at the Nike dualtone racer id, a custom-made shoe from Nike Nike. The upper is colored with solid, gradient and two-tone options to create a unique design.

The side and inner Swoosh are also customized with the same color style, or use your favorite colors to make them more distinctive;

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The tongue can be abbreviated with a name, a favorite number, or some short message to create a personal element design.

|||—Nike dual-core racer se-|||

Finally, let's take a look at the Nike dualtone racer se, inspired by classic flat-bottom running shoes; the shoes are stylish and full of galloping tension, while closely fitting the foot;

Double-density cushioning creates a soft, comfortable foot feel; the foam midsole ensures perfect support while also providing excellent cushioning performance; the rubber outsole ensures excellent flexibility and durability Sex and grip.

Nike Nike has a very high reputation in the world, and its various products are also very popular among consumers. Next, Xiaobian will recommend the shoes of Nike Nike that can be worn in sports or out of the street. .

|||—Nike nike air wild—|||

The new Nike nike air wild shoes are light and flexible with a low-cut style, featuring a shoe-side waterproof design with a dynamic shoelace system;

It is equipped with a unique serrated outsole to effectively ensure the slip resistance of the shoes; whether it is sports or daily outings, it is a very good choice.

Nike nike air wild has two color schemes, respectively, white, black and green, the color scheme is very simple and stylish, but also very well matched clothes!

|||—Nike nike air wild mid—|||

The second is Nike nike air wild mid outdoor boots, which is a new outdoor shoes full of ACG style, super functional, and also has a very cool design, is the best choice for friends who love outdoor sports. !

Nike air wild mid in the shape design, is similar to the middle of the hiking boots, the design of the socks structure, so that this shoe is full of beauty;

Equipped with waterproof material, it can greatly enhance the performance of outdoor sports; in addition, the reflective material embellishment makes this shoe more individual. With classic black and khaki color, it is stylish and low-key.

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Nike Air Mag 2017

Classic shoes will always continue to appear engraved, nike back to the future 2017 This year, a new version of the replica appeared in front of consumers. Now on the Nike back to the future to be a 2017 analysis, so that everyone understand the classic shoes of the current situation, so that its long-awaited fans can have a thorough understanding, not to buy a mistake.

The shoe, based on the classic movie Back to the Future, was immediately sought after by fans and fans. Then continue to appear engraved version, and now nike back to the future 2017 also appeared in front of consumers. This shoe made a lot of changes in appearance, with a black technology appearance in front of everyone, the overall cool black is very domineering. Of course, some original small details on the ingenuity still exists. If so many people are the heart of the Department of automatic shoelaces still exist. In the Nike back to the future of 2017 there is still a small motor in the upper, allowing everyone to wear shoes slowly and slowly fasten the shoelace, very cool, very high technology. At the same time, the natural light of present can now be sensed by the internal sensor, as long as everyone put their feet into the shoes will immediately emit fluorescence.

Of course, inherent technology, back to the future Nike 2017 is still a very top, the latest fiber uppers, very strong and durable, but also has excellent breathability. Of course, in the soles of the whole part of the zoom added to the cushion, so that we will feel comfortable wearing cushioning effect and flexibility. Whether playing or walking, we can all feel the inner elasticity and make everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable. Of course there are high back to the future Nike 2017, now slightly reduced, but still feel full protection. These are the feelings brought by these powerful shoes.

Nike Nike Bryant 4 generations, 5 generations, 6 generations, 7 generations of basketball shoes you know how much? Like basketball, people who know the NBA will know Bryant God pitcher, and love the basketball itself, this movement also like Bryant this character Also know Nike Bryant series basketball shoes, so far, a total of seven series, respectively Nike Kobe Bryant 7 generation of basketball shoes, Nike Kobe Bryant 6 basketball shoes, Kobe Bryant 5 basketball shoes, Nike Kobe Bryant 4 generations, as well as 1, Generation 2 Nike Bryant basketball shoes. Which Nike Nike Bryant 4 generations, 5 generations, 6 generations, 7 generations of basketball shoes What is the difference between the contrast, what are the advantages of it.

Nike Kobe Bryant 4 generations of basketball shoes from the previous three generations of continuous improvement based on Bryant Bryant on the court overwhelming fast, as well as a fatal threat to opponents breakthrough Nike introduced a revolutionary low basketball shoes Nike Kobe Bryant 4 generations , Nike Kobe Bryant 4 generations to wear comfortable, but because it is low to help, so be careful when playing outside the selection, Nike Kobe Bryant 4 generations of basketball shoes with Flywire technology uppers, this technology is reflected in HYPERDUNK most vividly. The basketball shoes weighs about 328.85 grams, Nike basketball shoes is the lightest. Second, NIKE Zoom Kobe IV Nike Kobe 4 generation basketball shoes in the heel part of the more affixed to the foot, solid heel. The upper has a Flywire support system made from synthetic leather and mesh, lightweight and stable. Cushion used mature and used the core technology ZOOM AIR. The upper is changed basketball shoes usual practice, ZKB IV upper designed to help short. Midsole material using LUNARLITE foam, to a large extent, can provide lightweight, quick response cushioning. Nike Kobe Bryant 4 appearance as the biggest surprise In addition to low-top and lightweight, the sole design is a major breakthrough. Bryant himself thinks such a design is really pleasing. Sole with the usual herringbone, emergency stop, acceleration and so can provide a great supporting role.

Kobe Bryant 5 generation basketball shoes with a more lightweight, more robust Nike innovative Flywire technology, Nike Kobe Bryant 5 generation basketball shoes covered with high temperature fusion technology, which is more portable than the traditional stitch technology, more robust, more resistant mill. The heel and forefoot parts of the Nike Zoom unit and Phylon injection molded lightweight midsole together make up a perfect cushioning system that reduces impact while not adding the slightest weight. Nike Kobe 5 has also achieved great success.

Nike Kobe Bryant 6 generation basketball shoes Nike team is the direct exchange with Bryant was born, so as to ensure that the shoes can be perfect with their basketball style, Nike Kobe Bryant 6 generation of hard rubber outsole inspired by the improved black Mamba tread pattern . Part of the Chinese version of the shoes also used XDR (super wear-resistant rubber), for the rough surface of the outdoor basketball court to provide lasting wear resistance.

The latest Nike Kobe series of shoes seventh generation is officially released by the end of 11, Nike Kobe Bryant 7 generations of customizable system can break the concept of a single product, through the interchangeable speed module and power module for different basketball style Of users provide a variety of performance options. These two modules have different buffering and support features, allowing players to customize their own style of adjustment. Nike Kobe Bryant 7 generation basketball shoes inspired by Bryant's nature of the hunter, into the product of the hunter's genes. The hunter's motif appears on a polyurethane upper, which looks like a layer of "skin," while simulating the images of three predators, the Cheetah, the Great White Shark and the Black Mamba. You can find this relief pattern on every shoe in this series.
Through the above introduction, is not on the 4th generation, 5th generation, generation, 7 generations of Nike Kobe have a certain understanding, in fact, through the understanding of the performance of shoes, when you buy can also be based on their own movement characteristics To choose the Nike Bryant shoes for you.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Nike Basketball color

Nike basketball shoes color gradient is one thing? Spent a lot of money, and finally bought a real fit for their own brand of shoes, but in the process of wearing the use, but found his beloved sneakers, gradually changing color What is this thing? Nike basketball shoes on the reasons for the color gradient, in fact, you want to know is not difficult to log on to Nike paste it will know that there will be many Nikefans who are concerned about the issue, will also talk about some how to maintain the basketball shoes recommendations.

The reason for the color gradient of this nike basketball shoes is also very simple, because it is a pair of sports shoes, are outdoor wear, certainly easy to be sun, and if there is no attention when cleaning, direct sun on the sun, it will Let it decolorize So it is not hard to understand what will be the nike basketball shoes color gradient, no matter how good the shoes, wear a long time, there will be some color change, which is normal again, but things. If you think about better protection of their sports shoes, nike basketball shoes do not want to buy their own color gradient, then washed, wrapped in toilet paper with the sun, so the shoes will not be yellow, the color change Shallow.

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So we buy a pair of good brand shoes at the same time, we must learn how to maintain, this is the most important. If you buy nike basketball shoes color gradient, then certainly not good maintenance. Otherwise there is still to buy fake, and if you want to buy authentic, then you can visit the name of the library site to buy, Nike basketball shoes sold above, really pretty good, and all have security signs, you can In fact, the official website inquiries directly to.

Winter Nike warm shoes are not cold feet! Adidas warm shoes are not bad! Winter to buy their own shoes, the first to be warm, in fact, is fashion, if you can warm and stylish, then it is definitely the best choice, and this is why The reason why many people are so fond of such shoes, and choose a real fit for your own shoes, is very important. Before winter approaching, for yourself or your family to prepare a pair of Nike warmth shoes is necessary, its brand shoes, stylish and generous casual full of sports atmosphere. For many people are good choices, especially for male friends.

From Nike warm shoes Adidas warm shoes design, its models are quite worth recommending, fashion, while not lack of warmth, for such a good shoe, why not choose it. And we usually want to buy such brand shoes if you want quality assurance, and the price is affordable, the counter is definitely not to buy, never discounted, but in the online store to buy, then not the same. In the name of the shoe store to buy a pair of Nike warmth shoes Adidas warm shoes is easy to guess things, and here for their own choice of shoes, shoes quality is also great to be assured that you can buy to ensure their own quality satisfaction Nike warm shoes. And a pair of Nike warm shoes can make your entire winter wear stylish and warm, why not do it.

If you want to make your winter fashion under the premise of warm, then choose a pair of inexpensive shoes Nike shoes cheap Adidas warm shoes, feet, wear Nike warm shoes, so you no longer fear any winter cold .

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Classic soccer shoes

Now, to your favorite sports equipment inventory of friends: Nike soccer shoes elite series. It can be said that the elite series of Nike football shoes from the advent of a time when it has been doomed to receive widespread attention. Nike soccer shoes elite series includes a total of four models series, these four series have their own unique advantages: focusing on the ball is the CTR360, focus on the touch is Tiempo, focusing on precision is T90, speed is the assassin.

Technically speaking, the elite series of Nike soccer shoes to say that the most comprehensive pair, it should definitely be CTR360 this shoe, but the assassin is a complete pair of tidal shoes, both strong sports functions, the ball on the ball Has a very good relevance, and the design of the shoes itself is a very high-profile avant-garde, which is absolutely catch up with the trend of the sports people's favorite. If it is used as a shot, then the T90 shoe is definitely the first choice, is a suitable special shoes. Tiempo's character is a low profile and has the strength, if you are a low profile and focus on strength, you can choose this one soccer shoes. If you are still not sure what to choose when purchasing, then you need to consider the usual use of these shoes after buying these shoes, and then decide which one to choose the most appropriate.
Finished Nike soccer shoes elite series of shoes are based on the color of the World Cup style, the use of orange as the heel color, with gray as the front of the color. Nike soccer shoes elite series not only visually has a special aesthetic and impact, but also has good performance, but also has an important symbol and memorable, so by the sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Like Nike friends, Nike products in the purchase of airmax will see the words, in many Nike products, what are nike aie max to name, such as nike air max 90 em, or nike air max + 2013, nike air max stutter step, there are many such names, then what is the meaning of airmax? Then we come to a good discussion.

In the English-speaking dictionary, the meaning of airmax is translated as "running shoes," but in fact the airmax is a collection of highly sought-after exhibits by Nike in a variety of products. In real life, many consumers are asking airmax what it means, it can be said to be a kind of science and technology used in athletes shoes, which is that we often say that the air cushion technology, in history, this The earliest technology and the vast number of consumers to meet Nike in 1992 launched the air force 180 shoes, of course, this is a classic, is designed in a special context, and therefore can not be copied classic, but because of this Air cushion technology is not his mature, so the series of products also will fade.
But the progress of science and technology is endless. In the future, the airmax technology will come back again and again and again to create different myths, so that many consumers are favored by this series of products. Maybe here you will say that I Still do not understand what airmax means, but it does not matter, I know my explanation is more general, often used Nike friends, it will be very clear understanding of what airmax means, and it is clear that this technology allows us Sports equipment more comfortable, more in line with our daily exercise.

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nike lunar force 1 fuse prm qs

nike air force 1 downtown Nike which really is popular models. After the launch of shoes, sales are indeed very hot, especially the campus students and white-collar workers love to buy such shoes favorite. In many artists blog can also see wearing this kind of shoes photos. There are some artists who collect Nike shoes each section of the celebrity, in the collection of shoes inside and ultimately a nike air force 1 downtown. Collection of this section shoes also shows everyone's recognition of the shoes.
Introduced in 2013 inside the shoes, to celebrate the Drogba and the introduction of a shoe is to let everyone like the classic Nike series. Many of the shoes launched inside Nike are actually related to soccer or basketball stars. nike air force 1 downtown is one of them. The shoes of consumers, some are fans of Drogba, one is simply like Nike this series of shoes.

The reason fans buy shoes is to think it will be closer to the idol. However, most of the fans for their own buy nike air force 1 downtown there are other views. Many people who have the strength to buy Nike shoes actually have a high level of consumption, these people can not just blindly pursue idols with the same paragraph. The key to choose this section of shoes is the quality of shoes is really good, to highlight a person's real taste.
2013 launched nike air force 1 downtown style there are even Chinese elements. For example, because last year was the year of the snake, there was a snake element added to the shoes above, and this shoe is indeed a lot of Chinese consumers particularly like shoes. In 2014, nike air force 1 downtown will also launch other new products, which in turn will cause another storm in the Nike market.

The hottest basketball shoes of the year are definitely Hyperdunk, but many do not know what Hyperdunk means. In fact, as early as 2008 Kobe Bryant put on ZOOM HYPERDUNK successfully skip an oncoming sports car ads have let everyone familiar with the Hyperdunk. So now let Xiaobian answer Hyperdunk for everyone what it means, hyper-said "super ,, over, beyond, in ... ..." on the meaning of the dunk said dunk, so we can we all put this double Shoe name understood as a big dunk ,. Now we know what Hyperdunk mean, the reason named Hyperdunk because these shoes are very light, flexibility is also very good.

To know what it means to literally Hyperdunk, let's take a look at what Hyperdunk essentially means. Hyperdunk Shoes in advertising slogan is the challenge of hanging out the limit, to get such praise or to benefit from Hyperdunk's FLYWIRE upper. Nike's lightest and most solid basketball shoes rely on Nike's revolutionary new Flywire technology to reduce weight, Flywire will nylon filament and synthetic leather and mesh together to create an ultra-lightweight but highly supportive vamp , This lightweight material creates Nike Hyperdunk shoes weighs 13 ounces (368.54 grams), is Nike basketball shoe so far one of the most lightweight. In addition, Hyperdunk very good cushioning effect is derived from the heel of the Zoom Air cushioning unit and the carbon fiber in the midsole, in response to players to bring a comfortable ride comfort. It can be said that Hyperdunk is designed for the world's best players a shoe, these shoes have unparalleled lightweight performance.
Whether literally or real, we all know what Hyperdunk mean, I believe we have a deeper understanding of this high-tech shoes. Currently NIKE HYPERDUNK + SPORT PACK men's basketball shoes is the latest Nike Hyperdunk products, this shoe can record your game performance data and directly synchronized to your iPhone, allowing you to accurately grasp the movement in a variety of situations.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

nike lunar flyknit chukka

nike lunar flyknit chukka in running shoes can be said to be unique. Whether men's shoes or women's shoes, have been a lot of people welcome. A pair of running shoes, the most important feature is its superior performance. If you can not be extravagant in terms of performance, you can not give your host a sense of satisfaction. The nike lunar flyknit chukka is undoubtedly the leader in this area, so that everyone can love such as treasures.
When we are running, we often adjust our breath while watching the scenery along the way. In such circumstances, if the running shoes are not enough to force, we can not help us successfully complete the task. What sets the nike flyknit chukka apart is that it allows the owner to enjoy the beautiful scenery at a relaxed pace.

Nike flyknit racer both have good wear resistance, bouncing, but also in terms of comfort than the average sports shoes. If you choose such a pair of shoes, you do not have time to worry about their own sweaty feet, do not change your shoes for three days or two. It can spend a few years with you, bringing you a feeling of well-being in every day, night and day. Even if you do not love sports, wear these shoes, you will feel as light as Yan, can not help but try to run under the feeling.
In this way, nike flyknit lunar chukka is indeed the best choice for those who love running. If you do not trust it, you can take a look at the feedback of the people around you. According to Xiaobian observation, this kind of shoes once put on the market, often will be robbed, which is enough to illustrate its charm. nike flyknit lunar chukka is such a special, as long as you pass through once, you will never forget it, will not turn to choose other shoes.

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On the court, we can often see the big hook at the foot of that player, which also shows that Nike's achievements in soccer shoes are also very professional. Its assassin mercurial series and poison bee series are very popular today. Let's open the door to Nike Football Boots, take a look at the essence of football shoes.

First see the assassin mercurial blasting series, assassin series of comfortable fitting football shoes, allows us to feel the sense of locking feet package. Whether wet or dry, all-weather technology with ultra-fine fiber uppers Assassin series to ensure that the effect of high-performance ball control, so that athletes are no longer worried about the wet ground. In addition, to be mentioned that vapor rapid grip system brought a very explosive moment acceleration. According to the field position, the assassin series for the winger.

Followed by the Nike bee HYPERVENOM deadly lore series, thin outsole with foot and foot close to football and ground feeling, nikeskin combined with all-weather control technology (ACC) for players to bring more natural touch. The split-toe soleboard with its grip-sensitive lines gives the player a quick response during the race. According to the field position, the assassin series suitable for striker.

CTR360 series to be in control, CTR360 series of shoes with kanga-lite synthetic material followed by foot shape to bring a comfortable and solid fit, well-designed three-dimensional control sheet in the pass to ensure excellent ball control performance; Splits a full range of excellent grip, so that players can enjoy playing football on the court. This section is suitable for the center position.

TIEMPO series suitable for defender, defender's soccer shoes in appearance can be described above with the football shoes is not the same, high-quality leather uppers enhance the feel of the ball, kanga-lite composites and all-weather control technology (ACC) Give players a more natural touch, durable TPU outsole and partition spikes designed to ensure grip and stability.
Nike saw these series of soccer shoes, we will think of other Nike shoes, such as basketball shoes, shoes and so on. Nike is not like Converse canvas shoes brand, canvas shoes will be no one can go beyond the realm, but it is doing well in every aspect, and very popular, which is very powerful, pay tribute to Nike!